PVC Pipe Threading Machine

Product Description

We offer all kinds of PVC Pipes Threading Machine.

Generally Pvc pipe threading are done by threading dies and taps which are highly expansive and needs special operator to do. Our machine does the threading by single point tool. Due to single point contact it make the whole concept highly economical and accurate. Mass production can be achieved which bring down the machining cost drastically lower.

Both Internal as well as external threading can be performed on same machine with very minor changes in Jigs. This change does not require any skill operator. A not skill worker will do all the need full work for this operation.

This Pvc Pipe threading machines can perform both types of Thread Profile i.e. "V" as well as Square Threads.

On this Pipe Threading Machine you can do Grooving for "O" ring and turning operation at same time. This machine can do threading easily on PVC, BRASS and ALLUMINIUM pipes. On this machine Taper Threading is also possible with some changes of Jigs.

Technical Description
  • AC. Electrical Motor driven High Speed threading machine fabricated from heavy gauges pipes, angles & channels.
  • Solid, Heavy Casting body for the bed of 3'6".
  • Threading for upto 4" inch can be done in only 50 to 80 seconds.
  • ABB AC drive can be fitted for RPM controller ( On request)
  • Space Required: 4ft x 2ft x 3 ft.(approx.)
  • Design can be modified as per customized request.
  • Pipe pitch can be adjusted as per customers requirement
Technical Specifications
Machine Model Minimum Internal Threading Maximum External Threading H.P. Supply (V) Machine Weight
PT-1 13 MM (1/2") 65 MM (2 1/2") 1 440 390
PT-2 32 MM (1 1/4") 115 MM (4 1/2") 2 440 480
PT-3 50 MM (2") 160 MM (6") 3 440 490

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